01. Their [hypothesis] was proven to be true in a number of experiments.
02. Some scientists [hypothesize] that Japan will sink into the sea if the icecaps melt.
03. Let me ask you a [hypothetical] question; if you were a member of the government, would you vote to lower student tuition, or would you choose to lower taxes?
04. His [hypothesis] relies on the litmus paper turning blue.
05. I can only answer that question [hypothetically] because, as we both know, what you are asking is just not possible.
06. Einstein's [hypothesis] that E = mc2 has been shown to be true.
07. Galileo [hypothesized] that the world is round.
08. Recent discoveries in astronomy have led scientists to [hypothesize] that Pluto is not actually a real planet.
09. Thomas Henry Huxley once said that the great tragedy of science is the slaying of a beautiful [hypothesis] by an ugly fact.
10. You need to develop a more clear and specific [hypothesis] before you begin the experimental phase of your project.
11. Emile Durkheim [hypothesized] that the more integrated individuals are into their society, the less likely they are to kill themselves.
12. Because language learning consists of constructing a system through [hypothesis] formation and revision, errors are a natural part of the learning process.
13. Some scientists have [hypothesized] that animals can sense earthquakes before they occur.
14. A [hypothesis] is supported if new data are consistent with the prediction of the [hypothesis].
15. A number of different [hypotheses] have been put forward to explain the rise in global temperatures.
16. [Hypothesizing] about who committed the murder is premature at this point. We simply don't have enough evidence.
17. Scientists have proposed many different [hypotheses] to explain worldwide temperature changes.
18. Scientists presently argue two different [hypotheses] for the origin of the moons of Mars.

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